Organize your kitchen

Skegg KitchenAre you ALWAYS thinking about “what can I do to make my life easier” or, how can I organize my kitchen with the least amount of effort possible? well if you answered yes on either of the two questions THIS is the article to read. And even if you answered yes on them you may still want to read it. You may pick up some pointers that you never knew yourself.

My first pointer for an insanely organized kitchen is containers. Yes, that is right! Rather it is to simply pour cereal into a clean clear container for beautiful presentation or to store the extra ketchup and mustard packets you may pick up from a night out with your friends. Containers are the answer! All you need to do is figure out what kind of restaurant supply you want to store for easy access and then find the appropriate size container to do the job. It will add so much ease and satisfaction to your daily routine you will surprise yourself with how much better you feel better with that one simple suggestion.

My second pointer is think OUTSIDE the kitchen for organization. For example, my pantry use to be a complete “packet” mess. I mean I had gravy packets, sauce packets, flavor packets, cake packets and so on and so no…. until I saw a cloth shoe rack that you hang on the door. ( yep that’s right) a cloth shoe rack. All I did was put them in there and I had a solid 16 pockets for a packets lol. OMG if you have not done this yes you are missing out…. Another outside the kitchen for inside the kitchen hack is a magazine rack. I found one that you screw to your wall so I thought “hey, I have these paper plates that are ALWAYS getting used and hate displaying them in my cabinets” so what I did was take the magazine rack and attached it on the bottom of my cabinet where some of my pots and pans are. I used small screws and attached it to the inside of the door. So now, I just simply put the paper plates into the “paper plate rack” and go about my business.

My third and final pointer is for storage under the sink for your cleaners. Now this is gonna take some craftsman ship but I’m telling you. Once you get it, digging through the bottom of your sink for the right cleaner will be over. You will need to buy some PVC piping and a couple 2×4 boards. In order to figure out what size PVC piping you need just go through your cabinet and measure your biggest bottle by width and get the PVC pipe just slightly bigger. The next step will be to figure out how many bottles you are storing. measure your height of your tallest bottle and times that by how2483313794_428bcb4916 many bottles you have. This will be how many tubes you will be cutting and also it will tell you how long/many pipes you will need. Anyways, measure the inside of the cabinet and then cut your 2×4 either vertically or horizontally. It really depends on what your sink looks like under and how much you wanna cut lol. So, now that you are done cutting the 2×4 simply screw it under your sink. Now that the complicated part is over. Cut the PVC pipe and attach it to the board. I did so with industrial strength glue. It has not failed me yet. (I STRONGLY suggest to attach the boards to the cabinet before you attach the PVC pipe that way you can determine exactly where you want them).

So there you have it. I saved the more in-depth one for last. I hope my three kitchen hacks for storage will help you in your everyday endeavors and encourage you to always think OUTSIDE the box when it comes to organization.