An electrician carries out three tasks. These include new installations in buildings that are being constructed, electrical maintenance and installation of electric machines.

  1. Electrical installation in new buildings

An electrician studies the layouts and ensures wiring and installation is done in compliance with the safety regulations. The safety aspect in new installations includes ensuring equipment like breakers and fuses are included in installations and ensuring that electrical equipment is functioning well.

When doing new building construction, an electrician gets hired to assist the construction manager in overseeing and coordinating installations on-site. This can be repairing of damaged equipment, ordering of required supplies when needed and accounting for used equipment. They also manage the work crew in terms of appraisals and working hours. Since it’s the electrician who handles supply and handling of equipment, then they are also required to do analysis, calculations, invoicing and comparing of data.

  1. Electric connection maintenance

Electricians use computerized diagnostics to locate faulty parts in the system and then replace those areas to avoid hazardous eventualities. They trace the flow of energy in electronic circuits to verify their conductivity and functionality.

Electricians may also be hired to do a review on the wiring done by other electricians to ensure compliance with safety standards. They are required to read blueprints and determine where electrical components can be found or installed. In the field of telecommunications, electricians play a role of doing an installation of systems that will enable the smooth working of telephones, fire alarms, security systems, computers etc. They do this by putting the fiber cable into both commercial and residential buildings.

  1. Installation of electric machines

Electricians install the vast electronic machines you see in most factories. This is done on hire in most cases since once they have done the installation, they seize to be important to the factory. Whenever you buy an electrical device, you are not able to install, hire an electrician to do it for you for the sake of your safety.